House rules

Access | Identification

  • Visitors to PALACE must be at least 18 years.
  • Access will not be granted without identification.
  • On student nights, we may ask for a student ID.



  • Visitors visibly under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused entry.
  • All forms of transgressive behavior will not be tolerated.
  • For security reasons, we use detection gates, scanning equipment and you may be searched.
  • Instructions from PALACE staff must always be followed.
  • For security reasons we use detection gates and scanning equipment and you may be searched.


Drugs | Weapons

  • It is prohibited to possess, use or deal in drugs.
  • Carrying weapons or items that can serve as weapons is prohibited.
  • PALACE is smoke-free! Smoking or using a vape-cigarette inside, is prohibited.


In case of criminal offenses and violations, PALACE will immediately call the police. Drugs and weapons are confiscated by us and handed over to the police.


Property | Vandalism

  • PALACE is not responsible for loss, damage, personal injury or theft of personal belongings.
  • Our own property may not be moved, damaged or taken outside.
  • Willful destruction of our own property will result in liability for repair and/or renewal costs and will be reported to the police.


Clothing | Consumption

  • PALACE believes it’s important that you go out in your own perfect outfit. Exceptions are caps, hats, tracksuits, body warmers and sunglasses. These are not allowed.
  • For safety reasons this also applies to wearing flip flops.
  • Wardrobe use is mandatory and at your own risk. This also applies to all coats, body warmers and (large) bags.
  • Bringing drinks inside and/or outside is not allowed.



  • Security cameras are there for your and our safety. With your visit you agree that video recordings are made.
  • PALACE takes pictures and videos during the evening. With your visit you agree that we may use these images for marketing purposes.


This is YOUR PALACE, where fun and safety go together!