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Press Release July 21, 2021

Club Kokomo changes its name. The famous club at the Gelkingestraat in Groningen will not cease to exist, but will continue under a different name. An old friend will soon open in its place: PALACE. The finishing touches are now being put on the interior.

Warm, dark purple will be the main color of PALACE, the famous nightclub where new memories will be made. New lights, new music system, new floors, new entrance, new exterior, new house style. This goes a little further than a makeover. This is just a new place.

That is why owner Bert Westerhof thought: then we also give it a new name. Although, new. Between 1987 and 2010 the club on this spot was already called The Palace. The article is gone for a slightly more modern feel. Westerhof: “We asked several people: what would be a good name? Half of them came up with PALACE. And we actually thought that was a very good idea.”


We’ are Westerhof and manager Geeske Smid. “We thought it was time for something new. Actually, we had previously planned a major renovation. Corona threw a spanner in the works. Eight weeks ago we tied the knot. This is what it’s going to be. People will still recognize the club, everything is just fresh and new, yet different.”

There was a hurry, unfortunately not anymore. Especially when the night catering was allowed to reopen. Westerhof: “To be honest, that took us a bit by surprise. We had taken into account the end of September. We have now pinned our hopes on that again. We have now been given a little more time and can’t wait to give people that ‘wow feeling’ when they can finally step into our place again after so many months.”

The two understand well that there might be thoughts about how the lockdown has affected the decision to continue under a different name. Westerhof is clear about that. “Sure, this time has cost money. But after 34 years, we have quite a bit of backup. We’re not stopping Kokomo out of necessity. This makeover is an investment in the future, a way to keep this place really interesting for party enthusiasts.”