Bachelor party

Would you like to give your friend an unforgettable evening as a bachelor? We arrange a successful Bachelor party for you!

When you decide to organize your bachelor party with us, we guarantee that the entire group will have an unforgettable evening! There are several options how you can give the evening an interpretation. For example, you can choose to take a seat on our VIP deck. You will be placed on the guest list and welcomed by us at the entrance. After your coats have been hung up in the checkroom for free, our hostess will take you to the VIP deck. Your reserved tables will be ready according to the wishes you have communicated in advance. For the rest of the evening a hostess will be your contact person, she will make sure that you lack nothing!
In addition, it is also possible to look for an own area or bar to rent. If you prefer this, it is wise to contact us via our contact form. To make the bachelor party complete we offer an additional option. It is possible to follow an interactive cocktail workshop at the beginning of the evening. All this under the guidance of a professional cocktail shaker.

Would you like to end the evening pleasantly without thinking? Then we can make sure that within 5 minutes you can be lying in a lovely hotel bed.

We at PALACE are happy to arrange a bachelor party with and for you! Do you have any fun ideas of your own? Let us know, because we are open to everything and very flexible!