For companies

Are you looking for a unique location for a company party, meeting or business presentation? Then look no further, because PALACE has this awesome place!

The possibilities that PALACE offers for companies consist of:

Holding a company party: PALACE is the perfect location for your company event to take place. Outside and even within our opening hours, there are various possibilities for a fully catered and successful company party in our modern club. Holding a meeting: This top location ensures that you can perfectly meet in a very tasteful atmosphere. Naturally, this is accompanied by an extensive selection of catering.

Holding a business presentation: Want to make a good impression right at the start of your company presentation? Then PALACE is the perfect location. From the moment your business relations enter our club they are immediately “sold”.

All the PALACE facilities are entirely at your disposal. We have everything you need to ensure you and your staff enjoy an unforgettable evening! Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.